That point where you wish you'd asked for an hour

There's a point in every presentation where you realize "I should have asked for an hour (or 8)"... that's about 1/2 way through in my experience, it's where you've filled the work-table with a thousand items, taking each bullet point you wanted to cover and expanding it to full-lecture size, and now you start the hard process of cutting it down to the bits people actually need/want to know.

Do people really care about the deficiencies in the Chinese Room argument against A.I. consciousness? Sure, it's fascinating, but does a practitioner care? Do they really believe in Moore's law so strongly that they need an argument for caution against extrapolation across decades or centuries? Do real programmers anthropomorphize A.I.'s as much as non-programmers?

For today, however, I need to get some actual paying work done, so whittling down will have to happen later. is just 2 weeks away, folks!


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