Conference goes remarkably well (Response to Cinemon is far better than even I'd hoped...)

I'm back from the SCTE conference. I was there to "launch" Cinemon for the greater population of Cable operators (a.k.a. MSOs). Response was almost universally positive, lots of interest in the product from everyone for whom I did the "dog and pony show".

Quite a few effusively positive comments ("Sure, we have monitoring systems, but we have nothing like that", "I sure hope we start using that" (both of those from people in really big cable companies). Overheard comments along the lines of "It seems like it does everything we need, but there must be a mistake on the price. There's got to be a catch of some sort."

Anyway, I'm totally exhausted. Think I'll vegetate for a few hours... though I suppose I should update the partners first. Sigh.


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