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Gentoo moving to Python 2.4 causes a bit of annoyance (Dependency changes, but the packages don't realise it...)

I told Gentoo to update my system today, thinking I'd see if the KDE compilation failures had been fixed. I missed Python 2.4.1 in the list of dependencies to be built (there were dozens and dozens of them). So, though the KDE compile still failed, Gentoo had already updated Python to 2.4.1, which broke pretty ...

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Mental exercise is fun (Paper design for scaling up Cinemon)

I've been working on the algorithms for scaling up Cinemon to work for large systems (half a million subscribers or so) on and off. Today I decided to work on the overall architecture, rather than the nitty-gritty details of how communications will work among the federated servers.

The actual "how" of it is something I'll ...

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