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Flirty Pillows

On the corner I hear them
From my downy bed
With flirty little pillows
Young bucks and does
Philosophy and lycanthropy
Or maybe it's biology
Drives them to stand and talk
Outside my windows
Too loud to sleep
Too soft to make a scene
So I lie on my old poster bed
So many years ...

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Lonely Steps

The steps at night
Quiet even in the daylight
Ask me to sit with them
Gaze down that longest avenue
Where perfect pretty people preen
Upon each other
Shopping for flesh dressed up
To kill
They don't ask me
They want to look beyond
To stars hanging above them
With cool breezes to refresh
And ...

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In darker moments?

Did I know her
In darker moments
I wonder
What sleight or pain
Poisoned the well
Forgotten enemies and friends
Lying about it
Accusing me
As if I knew her
Or could change it
If I did

On a lighter note... (Poker at a cafe)

Went out for dinner and poker this evening instead of having people over. Discovered I'm not really all that in to poker. Not a bad game I suppose, but not really likely to aid in developing the aspects of myself that I want to improve.

Spent most of the evening "out" (i.e. with no chips), ...

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On creative marketplaces (Supporting the content creators...)

Eventual goal:

  • Provide a democratised narrowcast-capable media marketplace
    • Content producers must be paid (likely in proportion to the popularity of their work, though a patronage system or the like may also be present to encourage unpopular expression)
    • As much as possible, no choke points should be built in to allow control over the forms of ...

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Meyers Briggs is a bit absolute... (A few score true/false questions to sort us into piles)

Lara asked me to take the Meyers Briggs (Jung) temperament test (she's found her results quite helpful, apparently). So, off I go to write the test. Of course, as I'm answering questions I keep looking for that "both" answer in the middle. Oh well, it is a "sorter", rather than something aiming to really understand ...

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Ca suffit! (Need to do something other than sit at a computer...)

Long day today. It is officially the weekend, but I was too tired to go out or do anything this evening. Decided to spend some time on OpenGL-ctypes. Basically just made the GLUT callback code a little more generalised, but in doing so I seem to have tripped up somewhere, as I'm now getting weird ...

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Ach! It grates! (It's been done so many times before...)

Today was spent getting the feature-display and selection mechanisms written. The annoying part is that it's all been done so many times before it's depressing to think that I'm writing it myself. Oh well.

Not much else going on, got up, worked, took a short nap, worked more, now need to get to sleep. As ...

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Impedence mismatch leads to LCD (Or, my day in business-logic programming...)

Today was spent on database design for the sip front-end project. All in all fairly productive, we've got the whole thing nicely isolated so that it only needs two references to outside schema. It's fairly straightforward as a design, and shouldn't cause any problems (so expect to hear about lots of frustration and heartache ;) ...

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Building observability into BasicProperty (Well, adding a module that provides it, anyway...)

Couldn't sleep, so decided to enhance a demo I wrote a few days ago when someone asked about how to do observable fields/properties in Python. OpenGLContext's VRML97 scenegraph is built out of observable fields, and we have a number of observable BasicProperty sub-classes in Cinemon, but BasicProperty itself hasn't had a "standard" observability story.

Backing ...

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