Image-handling code would be more useful if it *worked*, of course (Well, images seem to work fine, it's *textures* that are messed up)

Shademan postponed the movie until tomorrow, so I did a bit more work on OpenGL-ctypes. Quite a lot of wrapping of exotic functions I've never had a reason to call (mostly image-processing functions). Of course, I have no tests for any of those, so who knows if they work.

However, I seem to have lost, at some point, the ability to run the simplest and most common of operations glTexImage2D/glBindTexture. For some silly reason glBindTexture is now giving me an invalid operation error every time I try to run it. It's not being run within a glBegin/glEnd block, and the client code (OpenGLContext) has run perfectly well for ages, so no reason to think it's specifying the wrong texture dimensionality (it certainly doesn't seem to be).

Oh well, think I'll take an hour off and watch Dr. Who, maybe a rest will make whatever boneheaded error I'm making apparent :) .


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