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Substrates are important for productivity (Servers, for instance)

The whole dratted day has been a server-less mess. I did a major graphic re-kit of the VOIP front-end and then tried to pick up all of the little extra pieces that don't require a working server, but when the project is "a front end to this server" it's... uh... less than spectacularly easy to ...

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Fates are kind to Mikey...)

As noted in the last post, I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of seeing Star Wars III (trust issues after being scr*w*d over on I and II). So when I got to the theatre and it didn't show up on the playbill I wasn't exactly crying in my beer :) . Turns out that ...

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Windows steals another 5 or 6 hours of my life (79 trojan horses of various descriptions)

Got the new video card for Delcina's computer. Installed it and finally logged onto the machine. Thing was in rather rough shape; Norton AV with the subscription long-since expired, half a dozen questionable IE plugins, something that was taking over the IE executable, suspicious-looking card-games, and 79 trojan horse programs installed.

I didn't have their ...

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Well at least the redbook demos work (Running tests is a good thing...)

So, I decided I would try running all of the demos/tests that could be expected to run with the current state of OpenGL-ctypes. There's a considerable number of working tests (see the "continue reading" link below for more detail than anyone could possibly care about).

What's better, in doing so, I discovered a fairly big ...

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Image-handling code would be more useful if it *worked*, of course (Well, images seem to work fine, it's *textures* that are messed up)

Shademan postponed the movie until tomorrow, so I did a bit more work on OpenGL-ctypes. Quite a lot of wrapping of exotic functions I've never had a reason to call (mostly image-processing functions). Of course, I have no tests for any of those, so who knows if they work.

However, I seem to have lost, ...

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Image handling begins to shape up (Wrappers upon wrappers upon wrappers...)

Managed to get the image-handling code starting to look like a reasonable approach to the problem. Still quite a few functions un-wrapped, but in most cases the effort to wrap is now down to two lines of code. Also got quite a few more of the glGet* functions implemented. GLUT is still basically nonfunctional, and ...

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Doh! Don't assume constant formatting in GL headers (Not all that surprising it's been failing... though it didn't start magically working yet...)

Turns out that all of the GLU and GLUT constants were mis-declared. I used the same script to rip them out of the header as I did for GL... but in gl.h the constants are declared in hexidecimal. In the other two they are declared in decimal, and the script got a little carried away ...

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OpenGL works *so* much better when using error checking (But don't forget that you can't use it within glBegin/glEnd)

Just finished the surgery to make OpenGL-ctypes do error-checking for all functions that allow error checking (i.e. those outside of glBegin/glEnd). It's still a bit ugly looking in there (the scar from having two wrapper classes will eventually have to be removed), but it does make the system work with considerably more of the tests ...

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Housekeeping (Of the web-site sort)

Went to put some poems on the texts page and realised that the list of poems was getting a bit long. It also lacked any particular ordering scheme. So I restructured it a bit.

Then though "oh, while I'm at it, I should update the Eye Candy page to include any newer material". So, there ...

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