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ATI TV Wonder Pro under Linux (Works again w/ 2.6.11-r9 kernel)

Okay, got the capture card working again. One of these days I guess I should figure out what's changed between the 2.6.11 and 2.6.12 kernels that's messing up. I've tried copying the .config over any number of times, so I'm guessing something changed in the code that either requires a new setting/option/module, or something was ...

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Workstation has almost finished rebuilding itself (Churns away in the background all day...)

The bulk of the software about which I care has been rebuilt now. About the only thing that's still both major and missing is the MythTV support for the ATI TV Wonder Pro. Weird thing is that I keep reading about how this card doesn't work properly, but with the patches it's been working ...

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A perfect dismount (Okay, more like "managed to avoid landing flat on his face")

As of just this moment I've managed to load X11 (and KDE, and Mozilla) on the new Linux instance. I've also fixed the problem with the delay during BIOS startup (it was the lack of a floppy that caused the problem, I'd detached it so I could add the SATA drive to the drive-cage and ...

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