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First day of the new schedule (Makes for a very long day, even with a pleasant dinner...)

I'm trying out a new work schedule this week. Basically I'm working an extra 2 (billable) hours/day and taking both Friday and Saturday to work on the thesis. There's not much else to say about the day, most of it was project management, testing, and minor tweaks/fixes. The last 3.5 hours was taking in an ...

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Oh, right, PyOpenGL (I did a few minutes of that this afternoon)

I fixed the longstanding bug in PyOpenGL where it fails when used with py2exe because of Tarn's "version" file. PyOpenGL's C configuration code uses that file and I've always broken something or other when I change it, so I now just read it and create a file that is imported at runtime.

Generating and Limiting Orders (A quicky thought before I toddle off to bed...)

As avid readers of the Design Theory portion of the blog will be aware, yesterday I mentioned Padovan's note regarding the ideological focus of Van der Laan versus Corbusier (Empathic vs. Abstract) and the underlying idea that the two approaches to order are based on the need to bring meaning to the world. In other ...

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