Pause before the last big feature (Stabilising the code for a few weeks)

Well, today was (almost) the end of the first work-week under the new schedule. I spent the bulk of the day on cleanup and fixes, this is mostly because I'm expecting the next big task to take a few weeks, and I don't want to be backtracking to fix things in the meantime.

That big task is adding HMS traps and other agent features to Cinemon (effectively making it usable for large enterprises). Fun stuff, probably lots of PySNMP hacking to get it working as we need it. It's the last major 2.0 feature on the list (there's still a few minor ones), which is good, because the tentative timeline is to finish the last features around mid-to-late-October.

The week is "almost" done because I got roped into doing some hardware and Windows fixes downtown tomorrow afternoon. Sigh. Breaks up the day rather horribly (I was intending to spend the entire day on Thesis work, that being the point of working the extra hours all week to get the free day). Oh well.


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