Two half books (Neither particularly relevant)

Spent the day on two books. The first was "The Projective Cast: Architecture and Its Three Geometries" which was, as you will recall, something to which I was rather looking forward. This is a very large book (about 360 pages), of which I only read the first 250 today. Honestly the thesis just hasn't popped out at me yet. At one point the text was so laboriously constructing the history of templates used for creating cut stone that I just had to skip a few pages ahead.

I keep hoping, maybe, that something will pop out of the text which makes it relevant, but so far it hasn't really produced anything that I would consider dramatically useful. (Notes follow).

Since the first book is in-library-use-only, I also picked up another book which I was hoping (from it's summary and introduction) was a look at the philosophies and ideologies used by non-Euro/American cultures in the design of buildings. Instead, it reads more like "A Pattern Language", useful, but not really dealing with the perception and appreciation of space. I'm still reading it (Traditions in Architecture, by Crouch and Johnson), hoping that something relevant will fall out (it's actually an interesting read, just not particularly relevant to my thesis for the most part).


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