Pleasant evening as they played poker (Conversation is so much more interesting)

Spent much of the the day on the little tasks that have to be done to avoid sliding into chaos and disorder; grocery shopping, house cleaning, that kind of stuff. After that spent a few hours on Kant before the party started.

Simon's girlfriend Leigh came. As always, she was a wonderful conversationalist, with lots of interesting things to say on lots of topics. We spent much of the evening chatting, as we both bottomed out on poker in the first few hands.

Apparently she is the one who started the 2600 group's Python gatherings at Linux Caffe. She says that this past week was a fluke, and that they surely will gather this week. Interestingly, the 7pm closing time is apparently normal, it's just that David lets it slide until 9pm some nights if there are people.

Given the night-owlish tendencies of hackers it would seem better to open at 9 or 10am and go until 9 or 10pm, but oh well.

All in all a very successful evening, I'm quite pleased with it.


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