Yay! The walls are getting fixed! (Finally...)

We finally are going to get the walls fixed. The plaster in the living room has broken right open (about 4 feet wide), there's lots of other places where the plaster is "bubbling", and the stuff in the bathroom is just rotting away. Anyway, that means the next 3 days we're going to have work-people and large quantities of dust and the like all over the apartment. Now is the time when having a laptop would be a really good thing. Probably have to shut down the computer for part of one day (when they're working in my room), as the dust does really bad things when it's sucked (or falls) into monitors and computers.

Maybe I should schedule a trip up to ACI for one of the days. Probably too late now for tomorrow (which is likely when they'll do the bulk of the plastering. Oh well.


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