Testing and Point Parameters (sprites)

Spent the afternoon testing PyOpenGL 3.0.1, dull, really.  Found a few errors in the Demo where code was trying to use OpenGL before there is a context (recent Linux drivers are getting *really* picky about that).  Added a flag to the root OpenGL namespace to control unpacking of single-length arrays, thinking that PyOpenGL 3.1 should finally break that API to return arrays instead.

Got bored with that and added primitive textured-sprite support to OpenGLContext's PointSet objects.  Basically if you have a texture in the shape the PointSet will enable sprites, however it doesn't currently have any mechanisms for configuring them (i.e. setting points sizes or attenuation).  The test/demo just hard-codes that at the application level for now.  Upshot is that the demo now has big fat water droplets instead of single-pixel points :) .


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