Happy I did the extra hour last night (I've run out of steam for the VoIP project this week)

I did an extra hour of work last night after getting back from Linux Caffe. That means I'm now done for the day (and week). The 9 billable hours/day target gets a little draining. Right about now I just want to curl up and let my hands do nothing for a year or two.

On the Linux Caffe thing. Leigh, Seneca and Doug were there, but there was basically no Python content involved. Without a laptop to work on while hanging out it was pretty much a non-functional night for me. Seneca tried very hard to entertain me with web comics, but I was more in the mood for hacking than consuming last night.

Luckily tonight I am well and truly sick and tired of hacking, so I will instead make some food and maybe watch something mindless for an hour or two.


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