Pleasant walk around a night market (Very generous hosts...)

Our hosts took us for a walk around one of the night markets this evening (after treating us to a very well done dim sum dinner). The night market is a very large, intense and close version of the shops down in Chinatown (or Kensington Market), but without the need to close everything in, so the stalls can be free-form.

Were treated to a couple of traditional experiences, jellied balls covered in corn (very pleasant), and something that I'm told is close to chewing tobacco which was sold as "gum" (tricksy they is)... thumbs down, I'm afraid, icky first taste and the aftertaste is pleasant for a few minutes, but really not worth that first bitter flavour.

We didn't go for the snake-meat. I'm really not big on snakes. The snakes were very active, something you don't normally see in Canada. They weren't just lying there, they were rearing up and hissing at you, swaying back and forth and following your movements, and making you think "hey, this thing's awake".

All in all quite a pleasant evening, may go back to the area to photograph a nearby Buddhist temple (need to check whether photographs in holy places are allowed in Taiwan). Taipei is much larger than I thought. Will need to figure out the metro to be able to get anywhere on my own.


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