We need test code (Me writing a test for every extension will be a bit too slow...)

I continued working on OpenGL-ctypes for a few hours yesterday (until I fell asleep), just sitting down and writing test-cases for those extensions I have and using them to see if the extension modules are working. There's generally some work to do for every module that has a function using a pointer, out parameter, glGet* or image operation (yes, that's a lot of modules, but it's a once-only project). In a number of cases I changed either the core system or the auto-generation to make the wrapping easier.

Anyway, what we need most at this point is test code. As I've not had access to any extensions, I've written no extension-exercising code in the past few years. If people have code that uses the more involved extensions (I'm thinking the shader languages and image processing here) it would be desirable to use that code to test and develop the modules.

We could also use someone to write the Windows (WGL) platform module (Shane Holloway is going to work on the AGL platform module), and possibly the actual "OpenGL.WGL" module (that is, the full WGL API, not just that which we need for core OpenGL). You'll need access to a Windows machine with a compiler to build ctypes from CVS.


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