New release of PyDispatcher available (Fixes 2 memory leaks)

While testing some memory-leak bug-fixes for PyOpenGL I discovered a memory leak in OpenGLContext. With a lot of tracking I found out that the leak was from Dispatcher.

Now, you may not care about that (I'm speaking to Bryan and Tim here), but Dispatcher is also used in Cinemon (which you will recall is currently suffering a slow leak). Haven't tested it yet, but it's possible this leak is the one I've been trying to track down since... what was it, Wednesday (ooh, look, I've got a blog, I can look it up, yes, Wednesday)?

There were other leaks that I found, but the audit didn't find anything in Cinemon itself, so hopefully this will plug the last hole.

Anyway, for those who want to play with it, the new PyDispatcher release is available.


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