String Theory

Within the chambers of our heart
Are strings that make us whole
Taut as wires on a well tuned bridge
They wait for other strings
They vibrate when they find their mate

Each vibration makes them shorter
That is what constricts the walls
Lets us know that they've been plucked
Or stroked by passing strings
Hairs tuned to play the bow

Sometimes they vibrate slowly
With a low me'ncholic sound
Bass viols loose thunder's roll
We grit our teeth and face the weather
As memories our hopes surround

Those days you feel for the water
As the waves roll through your mind
Ebb and flow of truth and lies
You trick yourself to try to cope
Knowing waves will always win

But dawn comes to those mornings
Slow vibrations dampen out
Each tug tugs us back less strong
Waves go still, strings lengthen
Sunshine dries away the salt

Worse the days of fast vibrations
When a string too like us bows
Rubbing up against cold cable
Hot and wet and full of pain
Playing forgotten notes just so

Storms of waves crash around us
Crushing truths long turned to stone
The air is rent with violent lashings
Hearts seem fit to burst their bones
No hope escapes no love survives

Strong vibrations change us
Waves erode the edges of the heart
Each time we die a little
Our strength slightly weakened
Our chest a little tighter than it was

But we cannot escape
Nor should we even want to
The strings are our humanity
Their vibrations our humility
In the face of heartless life

Though each string is different
Each of us who lives has one
Here one of failed romance
There a dream lost to reason
This one a mother torn from son

Addictions pains and tortures
Lashed across our bended backs
Love abandoned, honour lost
Justice thwarted, truth maligned
Hope forever tied to cost

Each of these might cause us sorrow
When it rubs our strings to motion
It might move us from the now
For those who share, it may move them
To a new thread in the current

But the one string binds together
Each and every living soul
Deep within the ball of strings
Lies the fear that ties together
That one day our strings will fall


  1. Paz

    Paz on 12/12/2005 2:19 a.m. #

    Nice poem using string theory as a basis. This is a very artfull means of demonstrating how string theory really could be the reuniter of the search for everything... as the strings fold unto themselves, humanity ever pushes forward in the means for better expression leading to better self-identity....

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 12/13/2005 3:02 a.m. #

    Apropos of nothing, I don't know if you've read Orson Scott Card's Ender series, but the phylotic connections there are really quite a fun treatment of "strings" as binding forces. They're closer to quantum entanglement IIRC than the strings of superstring theory, but they do make a rather elegant plot device IMO.

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