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Dark Hair Shorn

Militant girl full of fire and conviction
She angrily decries the male oppressor
Who would despoil her darker hair
(Though she demands a smooth-shorn chin)
It is years later that I see her
Older, holding some mid-level job
She seems more fashionable
Groomed and outfitted in slick half-suits
That let on she's a woman ...

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Lasting Scents

What an unforgettable scent
To come to mind so easily
A long decade on

Surely you could sell it
If it were scent itself
That made it last so long

Truth forces me to tell
It is not the smell that I recall
But hair from wence it came

Togl really is a PITA (ebuilding works... sort-of...)

Decided this evening I'd try to get Togl working under OpenGL-ctypes. First annoyance was discovering that the project page claims the project is GPL-licensed (the license text in the project file is basically a BSD license). Anyway, built an ebuild for the project, having to create a diff for the amd64 processor, but otherwise ...

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Best Intentions

Well, so much for that plan. Pretty much k-o'd by the end of dinner. Fever is still pretty low, but the muscle aches and stiffness have begun already. Going to drink some fluids and head to bed early.

Goodbye cruel world :) .
I hate the flu.

[Update] Fever is still there, but the aches and ...

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Intention Matters (Not necessarily in appreciating design, but in designing-as-intention it is central...)

Spent the afternoon out of the house in the hope of avoiding catching whatever flu Rosey has come down with. However, had to return to get any real work done, so by tomorrow I'll likely be out of commission for a day or two.

Was a pleasant afternoon, though honestly I'd rather have ...

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Crashing through to the end of chapter 1 (Getting to the point where I need to print it out...)

Couldn't bring myself to work on programming stuff again tonight. Instead I sat down and forced myself to write the rest of chapter one. That takes me to the end of the section on perception. The text is still quite rough, but it covers the major points that need to be covered.

I'm ...

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Flight 93

The crater rises above you
Men labouring long hours
Couldn't raise such walls
That rose in a moment
From across the field
It was a grass-covered hill
But here is where it fell
Faster than men are meant to fly
Look back along its path
To the open sky from which it came
It ...

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Sleep descends disquietly (Comes back for a rematch a few hours later...)

Rather a slow start today. Got up on time, but didn't sleep particularly well. By the time I'd sat down to work I realised I just wasn't clear-headed enough to be charging anyone for my work. 3 hours of napping later it's already dark out, but at least I feel like ...

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