One of those lovely quotes (Brendan is always good for a few...)

Brendan, being a historian by trade and having a prodigious memory to boot, always has fun little tidbits, and this one has been kicking around in my head for a bit:
A grey idealogue fronting for a party of loons

which is actually a quote by a political leader in Canada describing what he doesn't want people to see him as. But it's such a perfect description of him. He fronts for a party that makes gaffe after fumble where members make blatantly racist remarks, or mention that if they get elected we can "kiss the charter goodbye", or just generally act like a bunch of loons. He's grey enough that my 87 year old grandmother, who doesn't follow politics in the least, remarks that he's "scary" and that she "doesn't trust him".

Anyway, the quote just keeps running around in my head (it's been months since he mentioned it, and it pops up every time I read about politics in Canada). It just seems like the kind of thing that should be turned into a TV spot, just a simple, bald statement:
"Don't vote for any grey idealogues fronting for parties of loons"

don't mention which party, just make it a simple public service announcement that people shouldn't vote for anyone that matches that description.


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