Getting MeetMe running on Gentoo (Key is apparently to specify the "zaptel" use flag when emerging)

I'm trying to do a little experiment with MeetMe under Asterisk. Nothing complex, just using a SIP account to create a little user's chat line thing. Eventually have it controlled by the provisioning system with a charge added to your monthly bill when you set up a conference.

I got blocked the last time I was working on this because the "MeetMe" application just didn't appear to be installed. Lots of reading today and I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new zaptel package providing a ztdummy dummy timer. But still the MeetMe application isn't found.

I'm inferring from posts by users on other distributions that under some circumstances MeetMe won't be built. It appears that the "zaptel" use flag for asterisk is what controls that on Gentoo (though the ebuild doesn't specifically mention it), it would even have auto-built the zaptel package for me if I'd known to specify it at the start. Anyway, now have MeetMe running and a trivial little experiment is a success.


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