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RunSnakeRun released (finally) (HotShot profile loading/viewing utility using wxPython)

Since Dobes wanted it, I've packaged up RunSnakeRun as a distutils archive so that people can install it on their systems easily. It even has its own little web-page now on which you can see a screenshot and from which you can download a copy.

Quick asterisk tips (Little things that kill ya...)

If you're seeing messages saying that asterisk was unable to open the sound device when running on a desktop machine, edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf and tell it to use alsa instead of oss.

If asterisk is having problems finding a file, check to make sure that you haven't specified the file with ...

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Shane's Darwin platform module for OpenGL-ctypes (Test and report bugs...)

Shane Holloway just sent in a platform module that should let OpenGL-ctypes run on OS-X (he's only tested with the wxPython demo so far). I've checked the module into CVS, so all you darwin peoples who've just been chomping at the bit to see the OpenGL-ctypes goodness, feel free to ...

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Getting MeetMe running on Gentoo (Key is apparently to specify the "zaptel" use flag when emerging)

I'm trying to do a little experiment with MeetMe under Asterisk. Nothing complex, just using a SIP account to create a little user's chat line thing. Eventually have it controlled by the provisioning system with a charge added to your monthly bill when you set up a conference.

I got blocked the last ...

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