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MythTV fixed (Missing kernel support for the OSS PCM API)

Turns out the MythTV failure was due to missing the OSS digital data interface in the Alsa module of the kernel (PCM), Myth was crashing in the middle of trying to work with the /dev/dsp interface without it. The card has again changed it's colour settings, but no big deal there.

Only major fallout still ...

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Physical and Intellectual Depth (And the last paragraph of the somewhat reworked Abundant and Refined Depth section)

Editing mostly today, though I did finally force myself to sit down and write something, even if it isn't particularly well written or long. Anyway, for the rabid design theory fans, here it is...

Designers often focus primarily on one of either abundant or refined depth. You will often see discussions of “textural richness” of ...

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Party of Loons

Those who are awake shiver
As the grey idealogue
And his party of loons
Lead the sleepers astray
Lure a country back
To darker days

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