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Passable talk (Should have prepared more...)

PyGTA went well, not a huge crowd, but 16 or 17 I suppose. Took far longer than I'd hoped to get through the background material (some people had never heard of Asterisk before). I also forgot (stupidly) that the call-duration-callback demo only works locally. Oops.

I'll upload the final version of the slides next time ...

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Connection decides to take a vacation (So much for demoing tomorrow...)

The VoIP connection from our service provider over the internet to my little Asterisk development box has decided it doesn't want to work any more... well, it "works" in the sense that it connects, but the call breaks up too much to transmit DTMF reliably, which makes demoing somewhat difficult.

Now would be a great ...

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Comment spammers suck rocks (But I built a mass-comment manager in response...)

As some of you may have noticed, some low-life comment spammers have been trashing the comments here all day. So, I created a view that reduces the work of removing a comment down to a single click (three if I'm not sure the comment is spam) from 8 or 9 with the default CoreBlog install ...

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Better parallel iteration for Twisted (Annoying to discover the problem is something so simple...)

I spent a solid 7 hours this afternoon/evening working on Cinemon. Over the last few days I've left the live system running with the code that traps blocks, and it had identified the two places where unreasonably long blocks were occuring.

The second of those two is the one that's been causing problems on the ...

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Poetry and food consume the day (No complaints...)

My plan for today had been to work for a few hours before heading down to the Toronto Poetry Meetup, then come home and work some more. Instead I woke up too late to get any work done, attended the (quite pleasant) TPM (basically a low-key workshop), then headed home thinking I'd work on the ...

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Just what I needed (If not the most productive of days...)

Spent the whole day at Linux Caffe (~13 hours). Putatively working on my thesis for the first 6 or 7 hours, but that broke down into conversations for about 80% of the time. After that I just gave up and talked to people, though there was a brief episode where I tried to get the ...

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Maybe a signal-based timeout watcher should be in every Twisted app (Just a little something to log any uncaught blocking...)

Very long day today. Some template rework on the VoIP project. Lots of debugging on Cinemon to try to catch a hanging condition. Eventually decided to use the trick from James Knight to track down every blocking operation in the application.

So far only found one block of 5s or more; the point where the ...

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