A Ruined Nap (But a very pleasant meal)

Tried to take a nap this afternoon, but the bleeping phone kept ringing. Apparently Rose decided it would be cute to wake me up by calling the house phone from her cell every 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I really needed the sleep.

Luckily, the reason she was wanting to wake me up is because Shiva and Shademan wanted to take us out to dinner. Hadn't seen them in quite a while now. Miss them now that they're out in the boonies (Mississauga).

None of eyes, back or hands are going to stand for much sitting at the computer, so I'm going to try to go back to sleep. And what do you know, another phone call (fax spam) just now. No further work on OpenGL-ctypes (other than submitting an ebuild for to the Gentoo folks) today, just didn't feel like figuring out what's gone haywire in there.


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