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TwistedSNMP 0.3.12 released (Latency improvements, first public release of the PySNMP-v4 compatability code)

I've just released version 0.3.12 of TwistedSNMP, I didn't call it 0.4 mostly because the PySNMP-v4 code isn't yet usable (the PySNMP-v4 engine is just too slow to be useful in our applications). The changes to the version that uses v3.5+ are those mentioned earlier this week that reduce the latency during integration of ...

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Okay, finished with the already-published stuff (Garn that took longer than I would have thought...)

I think I've pretty much got all of the currently-published projects in the portfolio now. There were quite a few nice pieces that just fell through the cracks, also a few projects I'd completely overlooked because they weren't in the previous version (such as the PIM environment). I really should have statistics and introductions on ...

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