Talked myself hoarse last night (4 or 5 interested people...)

Amber and co threw a big party last night down at No Regrets, crowd of about 50 techies and television peoples. Spent the whole time demoing and discussing the project (. Given how noisy it was I wound up with a pretty raspy voice by the end of it.

A few interested developers, including one Smalltalk (Seaside) developer (only the 3rd I've found so far). Joey was there too, haven't seen him around in years, they got quite a few shots of his accordion and the BTest3 together.

Need to get the BTest2 installed down at Linux Caffe so that developers can work on it. Probably do that today. I seem to have wiped my USB key again, didn't work when I plugged it into the laptop, only the U3 partition showed up, not the partition with the video I was wanting to play for people.

Should get that fixed and update the image. I installed an image on both machines that tries to do suspending and always fails to wake up again. Have to do some research this time to make sure we get a reasonably stable version so that developers aren't debugging machine crashes as problems with their software.


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