Still no nVidia driver (Another couple of burned hours...)

Spent the couple of hours between getting the wifi card working and the PyGTA meeting trying to get the nvidia driver to work with X windows. No luck (even with Seneca helping). Burned far too much time on the laptop today... I really should have just let it go and used the hard-link for access... but I just hate it when things don't work.

Anyway, good PyGTA, about 12 people. I basically ran through the various new features upcoming in Python 2.5. I think Chris summed it up quite nicely "Is that it?"

There's a few nice enhancements, but nothing earth-shattering or must-have yet. Basically there's not much impetus to upgrade to 2.5 for most programmers (given that the two big items, ElementTree and ctypes are available for 2.4). Looks like a gradual migration.


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