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Still no nVidia driver (Another couple of burned hours...)

Spent the couple of hours between getting the wifi card working and the PyGTA meeting trying to get the nvidia driver to work with X windows. No luck (even with Seneca helping). Burned far too much time on the laptop today... I really should have just let it go and used the hard-link for access... ...

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The key is to ignore what the package says (Orinoco Gold is actually an Atheros Chipset)

The reason the bloody wifi card wouldn't work is that I was trying to load it with the wrong driver with a borked pcmcia bus. I eventually got the yenta-socket module loaded and that let me see Proxim Orinoco Gold wifi card was actually an Atheros AR5211. That card is supported by the madwifi-driver package. ...

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No Orinoco Gold love (Silly pcmcia subsystem no longer has an ioctl operation it requires...)

I came down to Linux Caffe to work today. So far no real work done as it turns out the Orinoco Gold network card can't be loaded. Have tried it with both Kubuntu and Knoppix, neither recognised it and both crashed whenever I touched the touchpad.

Apparently I'll have to upgrade to pcmciautils in order ...

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