Of Design finally checked into SVN (And the section on depth is finished (well first draft of it)...)

Productive afternoon at Linux Caffe. Have finished off the first draft of the section on Depth and Complexity. The last few sections are too brief still, but the basic message is there. Next section in the original outline is the one on play, but I've skipped the "discussions courtyard" (keeping in mind that the original was a VR environment with little stories popping up all over). Likely just keep going with the Play in Design segment. I've got it started already, so it's just a matter of reworking the text to fit into the larger essay.

I haven't got the fonts installed on this machine to do a PDF, so I'll have to do it when I get home. I have, however, moved the whole project into a subversion repository to back up each revision of the essay. I'm checking in every section or so at the moment.


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