Quick review of the downtime (What I've been doing...)

Blog has been down for a day or so. Zope seemed to be very unhappy. Anyway, went to DemoCamp yesterday. 4 demos, FeedCache (RSS caching/querying API from Tucows), BlogScope (keyword frequency analysis for textual data-flows such as blogs), a GenCon social networking app for planning your conference experience, and the BumpTop 2.5D physical-simulation desktop. Nothing really head turning. The BumpTop stuff looked great, and had some interesting UI approaches here and there, but it wasn't anywhere near a practical tool.

The place we went for drinks afterward was just way too small and crowded with all of us there. I wound up stripping my voice pretty badly with screaming to be heard. Anyway, back to my last day of work for VexTech now.


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