Ooh, now I want to play with PyPy (Time slips away in sleep...)

Apparently the sunburn just clobbered me. Slept most of yesterday and today instead of getting work done on OpenGL-ctypes. Have another hour and 10 minutes just to meet today's working target. Sigh.

Anyway, in the intersticies of the days I cleared out my backlog of Python-list emails (3000+, though I probably only read 100 or maybe 200 of them) and discovered the announcement from the PyPy folks that they now have a restricted form of ctypes. The cool thing is that they can generate C-level code that directly calls the underlying C library, so that they don't need the FFI library when they're finished.

PyPy compatability was one of the major reasons for doing the OpenGL-ctypes port. Just one more reason to try to make the time for it happen.


  1. Simon Wittber

    Simon Wittber on 07/11/2006 12:55 a.m. #

    I'm not sure if you get a lot of feedback or support for OpenGL-ctypes, but I know there are a quite a few of us out here who are waiting _eagerly_ for the PyPy / OpenGL / Pygame combination.<br />
    <br />
    Your work is watched and appreciated by many. Keep up the good work.

  2. Carl Friedrich Bolz

    Carl Friedrich Bolz on 07/11/2006 5:53 a.m. #

    It's even cooler. It's not just the pypy people who won't need ffi anymore. You can also generate a _CPython_ extension module which calls the C code directly (instead of using ffi). This is still very much alpha code, there are many problems left. But we plan to gradually improve it to make it generally useable.

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