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Vacant Demons

Why do you keep me waking
When I would be abed
Leave me vacant demons
Full of puzzles full of cares
I would sleep when I lie there

Those I Love

Soon I will lose those I love
For they are merely mortal
Mortal life however long
Is bounded in hard measure
They will pass as I know shall I
Possibly before they know
That they are those I love

Little traction this afternoon (Bouncing around between tasks...)

I was fully intending to spend the evening on porting OpenGL-ctypes to Win32. However, I realised that the workstation doesn't have the Toolkit compiler set up, which always takes hours, so I thought I'd try wrapping some of the more advanced extensions (vertex shaders, pixel shaders, that kind of thing).

Of course, I don't have ...

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On fixing taps (Don't do it until there's a real problem...)

Friday I tried to fix the (Windows XP) 3D rendering on the laptop. Now XP simply can't boot (crashes trying to load the AGP module). I need to use an XP Pro disk to repair the installation, but I don't have one of those (the XP instance is the one that came pre-installed on the ...

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On $250/month coders (Outsourcing and other operations...)

We were having a debate this evening on the issue of outsourcing to "developing" countries, particularly discussing a case where apparently a business aquaintance has hired a 4-person programming team for $1000/month. The question is, is this going to be a good deal for the money?

My take on it is this; in a global ...

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Eyes at Midnight

I looked into eyes at midnight
Black and sparkling in the light
In the smiling face of a gentle heart
Open to all and granting each a part
The angels savoured that high moment

Yet I was troubled as we stood
I think had I stood longer
I would have had to cry
Remembering this ...

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OpenGL-ctypes finally gets tessellation (Read the spec a little more carefully and all becomes clear...)

I'm obviously not spending enough time with coding OpenGL these days. The reason that the GLU tessellation callbacks were messed up was that I was mis-reading the spec and trying to convert pointers to Vertex objects into double arrays. I went through altering the OpenGLContext code to work with vertex pointers before I realised "wait ...

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Very full day... (Yay!)

This is the kind of day I live for. Good day at work (continuing training), then the PyGTA meeting (SQLObject presentation might have been better if I'd been using it for months and months, but oh well), then out for drinks after PyGTA, then chatting out on the street with Seneca and Stephan afterward, then ...

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