A few shots from the weekend (Hiking around Tobermory...)

I love hiking and especially having someone with whom to share beauty.

We got to climb a couple of (small, easy) cliffs to get down into the grotto (climbing is fun). Unfortunately the camera died while we were down in the grotto (batteries ran out), so I didn't have time to try other settings to brighten up the shots or try to capture the water with a faster shutter speed (so you could see through to the gravelly bottom (the water is very clear)).

We almost missed the grotto entirely, only seeing it on the hike back. You can climb down via the cliffs or down through a little chimney in the rocks. Either way, very worth it. I'm a bit tired from the exertions and driving on the weekend, but I'm planning to take Thursday and Friday to go to the FOSS symposium at Seneca College, so I need to get myself up (yawn!) and get some billable hours in this afternoon.


  1. Graham

    Graham on 10/27/2006 3:26 p.m. #

    I know that grotto well, and have skinned a knee or two climbing down the chimney to get to it. ;-) Beautiful pictures.<br />

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