Talk Proposal in for PyCon (Plus an extremely long day for billables...)

8.33 hours of billable time today on integrating and testing the new invoicing system and dealing with various small but unacceptable bugs discovered in doing so (as well as an old, incorrect behaviour that I uncovered on the weekend). Tomorrow morning is going to be more testing with the plan to make the invoicing changes live around mid-afternoonish.

Talk proposal put forward was new material. I considered offering updated versions of my previous talks on descriptors and/or metaclasses, but people can just go to the recorded versions for those. I also discarded the idea of presenting Cinemon. Although the presentation seemed to go fairly well at PyGTA, it's likely just too commercial to be interesting to anyone. Also considered something along the lines of approaches to parallel programming in Python (similar to my "low level Twisted" talk), but I just don't have the time to do that justice these days.

I may put forward the "introduction to OpenGL" idea as a tutorial for the day before the conference. Not sure if anyone would really be interested in that though. I'd likely be targeting mostly the visualisation crowd (I figure the game programmers are likely to pick it up as programming). Just not sure people really want to try to learn such things in a single day. Still, might be interesting enough to some people.

Oh, doing fact checking on the proposal it turns out I've been maintaining PyOpenGL (such little as I get around to doing) for ~6 years now (back when I was still working at VRTelecom/TPresence and producing patches to the (dead at the time) project). It's been 1.5 years that I've been working on the OpenGL-ctypes implementation (again, such as I get around to doing it). Somehow it feels longer. Anyway, I have another very long day tomorrow. I need to get the puppy walked and get to sleep.


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