Sometimes you have to see it to know... (Testing needs to go all the way through the process)

The invoicing run went basically perfectly. I spent almost 3 hours edging through the process, searching at every point for any sign that there might be a problem, but in the end everything went out just as specified.

Unfortunately, it turned out that there was a minor mis-specification. The invoices looked fine and printed out well. Celebrations abounded for a few seconds, then people turned to the work of slipping the invoices into the envelopes and sending them out... oops. The new design didn't work with the envelope used to send the invoices out. Spent today working on fixing that.

I'm kinda wiped from being up all night. Still need to get the actual reprinting done (waiting on approval/testing of the new format). I could really use a big hearty meal, something with lots of mass to give my stomach something to eat other than itself. Yay, Soni just showed up to take me out to dinner. Yay.

I'm thinking I need to have a different rate for these kind of mid-night tasks. Sure I was only up for 3 hours, but what with needing to go to bed early and then being unable to sleep properly afterward it's completely ruined the rest of my day productivity wise. Oh well, it's pretty rare stuff.


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