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PyOpenGL-3.0.0a5 hits the shelves (Finally get the release out)

Wound up spending almost the whole afternoon on PyOpenGL (and I only got up around noon-ish). Mostly just tiny little issues here and there. Upshot, however, is that the alpha package is released now. You should be able to install it with:
easy_install PyOpenGL

with a sufficiently new version of setuptools installed. You'll want to ...

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Didn't get it out tonight either (Stupid oh-I-should-just-do-that-first-ing)

Very good PyGTA this evening, if somewhat small and late-starting. 6 of us, David started us off with a demo of todotxt which is a command-line (that's really command line, not a separate shell) todo-list organiser. Not exactly my cup-of-tea (I'm graphical by nature), but it seemed interesting. Then on to discussions and comparisons of ...

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