Didn't get it out tonight either (Stupid oh-I-should-just-do-that-first-ing)

Very good PyGTA this evening, if somewhat small and late-starting. 6 of us, David started us off with a demo of todotxt which is a command-line (that's really command line, not a separate shell) todo-list organiser. Not exactly my cup-of-tea (I'm graphical by nature), but it seemed interesting. Then on to discussions and comparisons of Python and Perl, Content Management Systems, Zope, and Django. Then off to the desert place.

After the meeting came home, fixed the PyOpenGL Win32 bugs (they were very shallow) and then the Linux bugs I introduced as I fixed the Win32 bugs (again, shallow). Then I made the fateful mistake; I thought, hey, while I'm in Win32 let's install the new gccxml and generate the raw wrappers for WGL.

I'm missing something about the setup for gccxml + MSToolkit because I just can't get the silly thing to read the wingdi header (not even the mingw32 one, which I would think would have to be gcc-compatible).

Anyway, it's way too late to do the release now, so I'm going to head off to bed. Oh, also got a great deal of work done for the client today. The restructuring part of the refactoring is done, got all of the non-GUI code/tests running correctly.


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