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Maintaining scripts as their underpinings change (Not what I wanted to do today, but I have Eric back on the workstation now)

I use a script I wrote a while ago that produces Eric3 project files from checked-out SVN/CVS directories. It lets me use the command-line SVN/CVS operations (which I find more convenient than the Eric operations[1]) then regenerate the project file. The SVN operations were provided by the pysvn wrapper... and thats where the problem was. ...

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That goes reasonably well (Apparently giving up on sleep is the answer...)

I just gave up on sleeping last night and kept pounding on the code. My hands aren't happy with me, but there are only a very small number of bits still to convert (as far as I can see). While I've been working I've also had the computer compiling Eric/PyQt/SIP/QScintilla (yay, it works, secret is ...

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