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May 1, 2006 - May 7, 2006

An inch or so of movement... (Wouldn't want to get anything useful finished)

Fixed some regressions for working with ctypes (I mistakenly changed code so that it would work with CVS head without providing a backward compatibility layer). Added some code to OpenGLContext to deal with slight API differences between PyOpenGL and OpenGL-ctypes (mostly different data-types). Tested a few GLE functions on Linux, seem to work fine. ...

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Pleasant afternoon of chatting (And pool)

Just got back from Coffee with Shidan. Nice to just sit about and chat. I missing sitting and chatting with people. Anyway, I was planning on getting some OpenGL-ctypes hacking done this evening. I suppose I should do that now if it's going to get done at all.

River's Breach

There is a moment
When you discover
Someone you thought a friend
Is faking it
From politeness or social inertia
Or something else
While despising you
Where your world's river
Shifts and rearranges
Breaking a new bed
Sweeping dried leaves ahead
Wetting parched neglected land
So that in some distant day
The water can run ...

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Generic controls for Nevow LivePage (Where are they?)

Spent the evening (after a marathon set of meetings all day) working on Nevow LivePage controls for the new project. I'm just refactoring code out of Cinemon (well, more using it as a crib sheet as I write new code) to produce the same kind of effect as I created there, but with a more ...

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Ooh the temptations of Ajax (So not needed, really...)

Looking at the new project I'm finding myself tempted to create the entire thing in Ajax-ish Nevow LivePage/Athena operations, basically just one page that reconfigures itself as the user adds/removes/modifies items. There's little need for it, it just makes a lot of neat little bells and whistles (nice-to-haves, not must-haves) possible.

I'm resisting the temptation ...

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That darn finish line refuses to stop moving (Meeting collects 20 new launch-stopping tickets...)

It's the nature of projects that just when you think you're finished someone new comes into the decision hierarchy and generates dozens of change requests. Oh well. Looks like tomorrow will be entirely occupied with making changes, with a few of them looking like rather extensive surgery. Luckily I have a student programmer who just ...

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Gentle Summers

Too many hard-headed calculations
Weigh down my halting heart
And my dear-held friends
They too are pestered round
With worries crowding darkest fears
Perhaps I should grab those reins
Of galloping Destiny's mount
That fleet-footed steed of time
And guide my life to different paths
Of gentle summers reading rhyme

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