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April 24, 2006 - April 30, 2006

Tool-sharpening (My evening in coding...)

Spent this evening on unbillable work for VexTech. Mostly refactoring code so that generic code is available for use across projects while the application-specific code is isolated within the app. When you build big apps you tend to get application-framework fragments embedded into the app, and if you don't move them to a shared location ...

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To the Quick-silver Screen

How do I translate my grey life
To the quick-silver screen
Where women see the inner man
Forgiveness flows like summer rain
No dull-plodding hours wasted
Just thirty three minute scenes
It might be too short to live it
But maybe they could fill my dreams

Making menu prompts more flexible (Multiple fragments with support for different "saying" types)

I continue to work on the trivial voicemail system to flesh out StarPy's functionality. Tonight I added support to the menu prompt system such that you can have the menu read out audio files, numbers, digits, dates or the like in whatever combination you like while still working like a getOption(...) call as far as ...

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New StarPy release up (Minor revision...)

There's a new StarPy release up on SourceForge. This has a couple of bug-fixes along with menu enhancements so that menu options can have an "onSuccess" callback specified which is called before returning from the menu option. Likely be tweaking that a bit more as I work on projects with the package.

Long day of talking (Pleasant that...)

Spent the day on Asterisk, first manning the TAUG booth at Linux world, then the TAUG meeting, and then the dinner afterward. Seneca got me all sorts of cool swag, include a Tux coin bank. I think I'll likely work at home tomorrow to save the commute time. Spent quite a bit of time talking ...

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