Generic controls for Nevow LivePage (Where are they?)

Spent the evening (after a marathon set of meetings all day) working on Nevow LivePage controls for the new project. I'm just refactoring code out of Cinemon (well, more using it as a crib sheet as I write new code) to produce the same kind of effect as I created there, but with a more generic structure (so that it can be reused across projects).

I wonder if everyone who uses LivePage does this? I mean, sure, it's possible to write the code custom for each instance, but that's going to get ugly and error prone. I looked at the Yahoo Ajax UI library before starting in tonight. Probably should download and play with it before getting too far in constructing my own controls.

Nice thing about writing the code myself in Nevow is that I can use Nevow templates to customise each list instance. Thus one instance can be DIV based, and another TABLE based, or one can be rendered as an editable list and the other as a static one, using normal Nevow template operations to control all of it. Anyway, will see how I feel about it in the morning.


  1. Glyph Lefkowitz

    Glyph Lefkowitz on 05/05/2006 5 p.m. #

    I hope that you mean "Nevow Athena" - LivePage is pretty old and deprecated at this point. Athena is way better and facilitates building "AJAX" widgetry of this kind much more.

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