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Aug. 21, 2006 - Aug. 27, 2006

GLSL demo ported into OpenGL-ctypes (Cartoon shading is fun!)

I just checked in the the (minor) enhancements to allow for compiling and running GLSL shaders with OpenGL-ctypes (based on the PyGame wiki page). This is by no means a complete wrapping, it's just the features that the demo uses wrapped up so that they have "pythonic" interfaces and match the C definitions (e.g. allowing ...

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I need to work on my rock-climbing technique (Way too much stress on my fingers/forearms)

Had a fun time at rock (wall) climbing this evening. It was my first time. I didn't do spectacularly well; didn't make it all the way up even one 5.6 level run despite spending 30 or 40 minutes halfway up the one run trying to get past the point that seemed to require using one's ...

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I'll just get one or two things done before I head down (Dangerous thoughts in the morning...)

I've switched to using the new cell phone as my alarm clock. It's with me, has a battery, and doesn't risk having the computer blast Rose out of bed in the morning if I'm not there to catch it. It worked fine, I woke up at 08:00, crossed the room, opened it up, pressed a ...

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BarCamp this weekend ("Hacking perception, the core perceptual cycle")

Been trying to think of what would be the most interesting thing to present to a group of people with wide-ranging interests. I've considered all the technical stuff, but really, yawn. Instead I'm thinking of offering a short talk on human perception and cognition from a hacker's perspective; how do you approach an understanding ...

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Maybe I should hire an email secretary (Someone to battle the email-backlog-beast)

There are... well... thousands and thousands of emails in my various inboxes all waiting for responses. There's 200+ PyOpenGL emails marked needing attention. There's 300+ sitting in the main inbox. I'm thousands of messages behind on Python list. Maybe I should just take a day sometime soon and just wade through it all. I try ...

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OpenGL-ctypes play in the margins (Where's the time...)

I've been trying to work on OpenGL-ctypes in the hours here and there. Mostly minor fixes. I've added the Demos directory from PyOpenGL. I've added and tested the Tk/Togl system with Togl 1.7 (system install (though there was no emerge for Gentoo and required re-emerging Python with Tkinter (yay, Tkinter isn't included in Python))) and ...

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Apparently I've become somewhat used to A/C (Crash in the heat of the home-office)

Linux Caffe's power was out when I got there this morning, so after a quick stop to pick up a cell phone for the business I came home, intending to just sit down and work. Lying down on the floor was solely done to say hello to little Caillou (the puppy), but I wound up ...

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