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Maybe I should hire an email secretary (Someone to battle the email-backlog-beast)

There are... well... thousands and thousands of emails in my various inboxes all waiting for responses. There's 200+ PyOpenGL emails marked needing attention. There's 300+ sitting in the main inbox. I'm thousands of messages behind on Python list. Maybe I should just take a day sometime soon and just wade through it all. I try ...

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OpenGL-ctypes play in the margins (Where's the time...)

I've been trying to work on OpenGL-ctypes in the hours here and there. Mostly minor fixes. I've added the Demos directory from PyOpenGL. I've added and tested the Tk/Togl system with Togl 1.7 (system install (though there was no emerge for Gentoo and required re-emerging Python with Tkinter (yay, Tkinter isn't included in Python))) and ...

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