OLPC talk was extremely good (Not just because it backs up some of my talk's points or because I want to work on it (though that helped)...)

Presentation on the OLPC this morning was great. Sure I already want to work on it, but it rekindled the fire after the many failed attempts to get sugar built so I could start development. If we could afford it (and it wouldn't mess up the customers) I'd so love to go work on it.

Good talk on using Python in education too. PyPy talk didn't really have any new information in it for me, neither the PyGame ones. Richard tells me that they (Pyglet) now have a new ctypes code generator based on a custom C header parser! Freaky.

Still can't get the laptop onto the wireless network. I wound up re-installing wpa_supplicant because I know it at least works at home. Didn't get far enough with wifiroamd to know whether it would have worked. Too many cases where I just didn't understand how to install it properly and was worried about karking the system.

Talk preparation is going well. I'm going to have to spend a few hours tomorrow tweaking it and cutting it down somewhat. Also need to spend some time on the pacing and ordering. Off to dinner arranged by one of the sponsors this evening.

Interesting given the talk on PyGTA's list this past month: every sponsor seems to be looking to hire people here, with the noted exception of Tummy (I really like Sean and Evelyn). Conference is much bigger feeling than at DC, couldn't even begin to get to know everyone.


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