More docstrings, Toronto developer's list and more (Makefiles suck...)

Did a bit more docstring writing this evening. Discovered as I was doing it that the docstrings weren't showing up in the pydoc'd output. More investigation showed that Sugar requires that you do a make and install instead of running from the source tree. Sigh.

So, went to make and install so I could look at the final results while working... and the silly makefile failed. Don't know whether it's just a problem with an incorrect version of make, or an actual bug, but it prevented me from getting the update done.

Spent a few minutes whipping up a setuptools for sugar. It doesn't handle the internal C extensions or creating/installing the .service files yet, but I'll see about fixing that if it doesn't look too complex.

Invited the (12!) Toronto area OLPC developers I know about to join a new mailing list. Going to try to have a meeting and sprint on Thursday, 7pm at Linux Caffe. Updated the Developer's page on the wiki to point to the Red Hat Magazine tutorials and to include pointers to the various "local" developer's discussion lists.


  1. Nicola Larosa

    Nicola Larosa on 04/15/2007 2:59 p.m. #

    Why don't you get your Toronto-based OLPC developers, and go to Global Media Resources S.A? Maybe the lot of you will convince them to relinquish control of the domain to the PSF (see whois). ;-)

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 04/18/2007 10:22 a.m. #

    Um, way more important things to do? :)

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