Slow weekend for work (Life getting in the way...)

We spent Friday evening helping set up the video blogger's thing at Linux Caffe. Weren't able to hang around while they were actually shooting though, so we headed off to a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant (Nazareth) a few blocks from the Caffe. The menu is quite short, but the food is wonderful and reasonably priced (we were both stuffed on $25 and there was food left on the plate). Very good recommendation from Daniel at the caffe.

Saturday we went shopping for wedding dresses. In the end I played the un-shopping-loving male and whined until we went to a book store so we could flip through magazines to find what we wanted before we went looking for it in shops. In the evening we headed over to Simon's place for a (surprisingly small and rather relaxing) party. Back by 3am.

Today I just worked on the accounting for the company and took a nap (accounting-fried brain, yum!). Soni made a wonderful mock-Ethiopian stew and about 5 other dishes for the week. And that's how nothing happened this weekend.


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