New ISP for the new place (Rogers or DSL?)

Looking around for a high-speed ISP for the new place. We've been using Rogers for a while, and it's fine, but it does horrible things to Bittorrent (PITA when you're seeding an ISO) and has pretty pitiful upload bandwidth (I often see 2 or 3kb, which with a multi-gig upload...)

Thing is, the DSL providers in the area all are playing the "really low advertised price and lots of fees" game AFAICS. Basically with all the fees I seem to be getting pretty much the same service (slightly faster upload, slightly slower download) for just about the same price, but I'm dealing with a much smaller organisation (there are good and bad things in that).

At the moment I'm thinking we'll just default to Rogers on the "devil you know" basis.


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