Adding more to the Tutorial (Deadline next Friday)

Have less than one week for the initial slide-set for the tutorial. I've just finished restructuring the activity we'll be creating so that it looks a lot more like Productive's underlying structure. It's got a properly separated model and graphics layer now, with the "AI" in a separate class.

I'd run them in together as part of "organically growing" the activity within the tutorial, but it was getting too hard to follow as changes poked around all over the integrated objects, with separation of concerns it's much easier to take in each piece as a whole. I still need to re-add the interactivity and networking code (pretty trivial for this version, about 15 lines of code). Also need to add selection-by-game-controls for the board.

Still have the second big part of the tutorial, the structured networking stuff, to do. I've done it with Productive, but that's too large a code-base to use in a tutorial. I'm still looking for a really good example of the power of the Telepathy system that can be explored thoroughly in 40 minutes including the introduction and background.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to finish off all the code samples and draft the final outline for the presentation, slides and handouts. I'll have to go into the Caffe to test the samples on a real machine (Patrick and I are sharing my B4 for development, so it's down at the Caffe all the time).


  1. Mel

    Mel on 02/09/2008 9:23 a.m. #

    Let me know if you need any help on the tutorial stuff, or an alpha tester. I tend to be especially decent at taking functional but tough-to-read code and slimming it down into a nice walkthrough/tutorial/demo, but haven't played with Telepathy before.

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