StarPy Unexpectedly a Hot Topic? (Half a dozen inquiries in a week)

Weird. Have been having a huge run on number of people asking about StarPy recently. Haven't mentioned it on my blog, haven't really done anything on it in a while. Anyway, walked a paying client through the process of setting up an originate-to-custom-ivr application today. Was fun, though I've obviously forgotten a lot of my day-to-day Asterisk stuff (e.g. how to call a local SIP client's channel (we figured it out eventually)).

Took a look at the libiax library headers today. Looks like it could be wrapped with ctypes pretty quickly, might be a neat side-project to let you process and generate audio as a channel client (rather than a command-and-control client). I should concentrate on getting PyOpenGL 3.0.0 released on my OS days.


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